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Exterior Crack Repair Process

Exterior crack repairs are a great way to stop the leak before it can even get into the crack. This method saves the homeowner the expense of having to remove a finished wall or heavy obstructions. The application requires a six-step process of both exterior membrane and an expansive clay (sodium bentonite), that leaves a protective seal over the crack.

1.) Identify the location of the foundation crack. Remove the stone/mulch covering if needed.

2.) Use the posthole digging tool to remove dirt/clay. Continue to trench all the way to the footing. Wire brush foundation wall to ensure that foundation crack goes straight down and does not angle. If crack angels, please refer to exterior membrane repairs.

3.) Apply surface coating to cover foundation crack. This is a supplemental coating and not the primary repair.

4. Backfill the hole with dehydrated sodium bentonite clay.

5.) Tamp some dirt/clay on top of the sodium bentonite.

6.) Replace stone/mulch if need; Exterior foundation crack repair (Posthole process)

Many problems can be prevented by taking simple precautions while others may require a more complicated approach. If you are experiencing difficulty resolving a foundation, basement, crawlspace or drainage issue, contact us today!

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