Bowing Walls

Foundation walls are subjected to different types of lateral pressures which can cause cracks or structural damage. The most common type of pressure on a wall is soil pressure. Soil pressure can affect walls once the exterior wall has been oversaturated by some type of water source. Cracks that develop from this condition usually create certain patterns.  Before a repair can be made on a bowing wall, it is important to identify the source causing the soil pressure. If the soil pressure is not correctly addressed any repairs made to the wall may fail. It is also important to correctly measure how far the wall has bowed in. Once a correct measurement has been taken carbon fiber or steel can be used to stabilize the bowing wall.


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What is the timeline for a bowing wall project?

Most bowing wall projects can be completed in one day.

What is the average budget for bowing wall projects?

Depending on the length of the wall, average costs can range from $2500-$4500

Are there different styles of repairs for bowing walls?

Yes, there are multiple options based on how far your wall has bowed or rotated.  There are also maintenance and maintenance free options. We strongly recommended that you go with a maintenance free option.

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