Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace waterproofing tends to follow the same rules as basement waterproofing. The only difference is that you normally can’t stand upright in a crawlspace as you could in a full depth basement. The walls can leak and a water table can still cause hydrostatic pressure. Some crawlspaces have poured concrete floors and some are left with dirt or gravel. Since most crawlspaces are ignored to a certain degree, it likely that this area is the unhealthiest area in the home.

Crawlspace encapsulations are a cost effective way to create a healthier environment for a home. Americans today are striving for healthier families and healthier homes. Some common symptoms of a crawlspace are leakage, mold, moisture damage from weather, humidity or condensation, musty odors, insects or rodents. Most crawlspace issues are noticed in the spring or summer seasons when it is humid. Crawlspace encapsulation is not effective unless you address the water first.


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What is the timeline for a crawlspace encapsulation project?

Most crawlspaces encapsulation jobs can be completed within one to two days.  this range depends on if there are any additional waterproofing needs.

What is the average budget for crawlspace encapsulation jobs?

Depending on the square footage it could cost anywhere from $2500-$5000.

Are there any special considerations when choosing an encapsulation system?

Yes, you may want to inquire about thickness of liner, waterproofing, radon mitigation, insulation and air flow.

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