Interior drain tile systems are installed beneath the basement floor and alongside the footing to relieve the “hydrostatic pressure”. “Hydrostatic pressure” is ground water from your water table that builds up under your basement floor. However, there are alternative systems available depending on your needs. Indicators that an interior basement waterproofing drainage system would be if you have basement floor crack leaks, heaving floors, and/or water enters in where the wall meets the floor. Cinder block, brick, and stone foundations are the usual candidates for these types of systems. However, some poured concrete foundations may require a new drainage system.






Exterior drain tile systems are used to collect water that funnels through the original backfill around a house. These systems are popular with home builders when the foundation is first constructed. There are occasions that these systems need to be replaced due to clogging or collapsing. When the exterior wall is exposed, it is necessary to protect the wall with a barrier that will repel the water from getting through the foundation wall. A drainage board is normally used to assist the water into the new drainage system.


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What is the timeline for a interior drain tile project?

Depending upon the length in feet, most drain tile jobs are completed in 1-2 days.

What is the timeline for a exterior drain tile project?

Time is determined by length and depth of the foundation wall. Average time spans are between 2-5 days

What is the average budget for a interior drain tile jobs?

Average cost can range from $2500-$8000 depending on a company and size of the project.

What is the average budget for a exterior drain tile jobs?

Average cost ranges from $5000-$15000 depending on the company.

Are there different styles of drain tile systems?

Yes, this is where research is key for your selection.  There are different styles of alternative systems that work for specific styles of leaks.  However, nothing beats the traditional 4″ pipe that most homes are built with.

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