Foundation cracks may be injected with materials to deal with the leaks. These injections are meant to fill the crack through the thickness of the concrete from the bottom of the foundation to the top. When a crack repair has been properly executed, there will be no more water that will come through that particular crack. It is often argued which material should be used, epoxy or polyurethane for a crack repair. The truth is it depends on the type of repair you are trying to achieve. Both epoxy and polyurethane have qualities that fit different repair needs.






Exterior crack repairs are a great way to stop the leak before it can even get into the crack. This method saves the homeowner the expense of having to remove a finished wall or heavy obstructions. The application requires a two-step process of both exterior membrane and an expansive clay (sodium bentonite), that leaves a protective seal over the crack.


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What is the timeline for a interior crack repair project?

45 minutes to 1 hour per new crack, and 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes per previously repaired crack.

What is the timeline for a exterior crack repair project?

Time is determined by the length and the depth of the crack being excavated. Depending on the method of repair, time can range from 45 minutes to 5 hours.

What is the average budget for the interior crack repairs?

Reputable companies usually charge anywhere form $300-$600 per crack.  Multiple cracks should have a discounted price if completed at the same time.

What is the average budget for the exterior crack repairs?

Exterior repairs can range from between $400-$800 per crack.

Can I schedule a crack repair without an evaluation?

Yes, this will allow you to save on the cost of the repair.

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