Window Wells and Covers

Window well issues can range from the metal liners themselves to the protection of the window well drains with quality window well covers. The real issue is that ground water is seeking level in these deep holes around your home and causing water to enter in the area above, around or below the actual basement window. Once you start experiencing problems in these wells, it is a good time to really consider replacing the metal liner itself as it may have exceeded its service life.
Window well drains are installed when the existing drains in the window well are clogged or blocked. They can also be installed if there is no drain currently in the window well. The need for these arise when the window well allows water to build up into or against the window. While the drains themselves need to be installed outside the window, the piping system that collects the water can go either inside or outside the foundation. However, if you have overland flooding near the area of the window well and alternative method should be researched.


Interior window well drains allow the installation of the drain to run directly into an interior drain tile system or by running piping along your interior basement wall to your sump pump.


Exterior window well drains can be installed directly into an exterior drain tile system or by running piping along your exterior basement foundation wall to another operating drain, off the slope of land or to your sump pump.


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What is the timeline for a window well project?

Most window well jobs are completed in less than a day.

What is the average cost for a window well project?

Average cost can range from $450-$2000 depending on the size of the well.

What should I be aware of when selecting to have a well replaced?

Special considerations should be, the size of the well, how the well is anchored, how the flanges are sealed, and the window well drains.

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