• December 18, 2017
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    4 Reasons You Need A Sump Sump

    Sump pumps are devices that are placed in a basement to pump out excess water that would otherwise flood the space. They’re almost always put in the lowest point in the floor and often in their own specialty pit. Here are the top four reasons you need a sump pump: 1. To keep the basement or crawlspace

    • December 12, 2017
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    How To Tell If Your Home Has Foundation Issues

    No matter how beautiful your home may be, it will only ever be as strong as its foundation and footings below. There are a number of issues which may occur with foundations, from water seeping in through cracks to walls bowing or crumbling. One of the more severe issues that could have detrimental effects on your

    • December 9, 2017
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    Warning Signs of Foundation Failure

    Bulging floors, cracked walls and doors that won’t close are all signs of foundation distress. Sixty percent of all homes built on expansive soils suffer from foundation distress. The problem occurs when only part of the foundation heaves or settles, causing cracks and other damage. This differential movement is largely caused by differences in soil

    • December 6, 2017
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    Top Ways Your Home’s Foundation Can Be Damaged This Winter

    During the winter, homeowners tend to focus on interior repairs and problems, like refinishing a basement or updating the electrical system. However, it is important to keep an eye on your home’s foundation when the weather turns cold to check for damage that requires immediate attention. Here are several potential problems to look for. Freezing Temperatures When

    • December 3, 2017
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    Window Well Covers 101

    Normally, basement leaks are attributable to foundation cracks and other points of entry for water through foundation walls. To a lesser extent, wet basements result from poor window well drainage; unfortunately, when a basement leak is the result of a poorly draining window well, a significant amount of water can enter into a basement very rapidly. Window

    • November 28, 2017
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    Are Battery Backup Sump Pumps worth the investment?

    You may not know it, but your sump pump could be the difference between a dry and wet basement or crawl space when heavy rains hit. As a quick reminder, household sump pumps: -Are installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace; -Pump groundwater away from your home’s foundation so the basement or crawlspace stays dry; -Are

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